Do you aspire to more than just an ordinary life?
What would you do to have a life filled with more joy and freedom?
And what if….you could become the heroine / hero of your life?

To transcend ourselves allows us to evolve and create a fulfilled life.
One, which in giving our best, is guaranteed to be richer, more creative and evolutionary.



Inspiring talks






Through interactive conferences and workshops, this exceptional event will bring you to meet extra-ordinary presenters and facilitators, including Mylène Paquette and Daniel Blouin as speakers.

Having faced ‘impossible’ challenges, they managed to push through their fears and overcame both their internal and external obstacles.

Mylène Paquette

Mylène Paquette


An interview with a Modern Heroine of our time…...

Heroine of modern times, November 2013 was when Mylène Paquette had her name engraved among other self-transcending Men and Women, by accomplishing what was said to be impossible.

In order to cross the ocean that many a sailor fear, she rowed alone for 129 days across the Atlantic Ocean. She became the first woman to have succeed this crossing, from West to East!

Not only having been nominated person of the Year in 2013 by La Presse and Radio-Canada, she also was the recipient for the Nature Inspiration Awards as well as being author of “Dépasser l’horizon” (Going beyond the horizon).

On stage, Mylène, shares her journey of preparations to completion in her ocean crossing between Halifax Canada and Lorient France, on a rowboat.

Throughout this Journey, Mylène has accepted to a live interview where she will answer many of your questions.

An intimate encounter with a true warrior who self-transcends one row at a time!

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Daniel Blouin

Daniel Blouin


Inspiring talk "Breakout"

The conference “Breakout” having been a mega success throughout the International Franco-phone community, from Quebec to New Brunswick, including Switzerland, Morocco, France, Belgium and even Polynesia.
Daniel will share his personal and professional experience to help you transcend your fears and go beyond your known limitation with concrete examples. Be prepared to be inspired and get off the couch to transcend yourself through a larger vision of life and transform your resistance to change into springboards of positivity…

Awards and Recognitions

  • Three SOCAN prizes (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) as editor of three of the most popular songs.
  • Awarded disk producer of the year by ADISQ in 1999 (Quebec equivalent of a Grammy award.)
  • Pond Hockey Lac-Beauport nomination as best sports-tourism event in Canada, category $250K and less by Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance, 2007 and 2009.
  • National Bank business personality of the Quebec Young Chamber of Commerce, communications/public relations and marketing sector, 2012.
  • Author: “Sortie de Zone” and “Entrée de Zone”, “Breakout” (English version of Sortie de Zone)

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Thanks to various self-transcending tools, which they will share with you on this Journey “Héroïk Ta Vie”, they successfully created their own deeply satisfying lives!

Liliana Deleo

Liliana Deleo

Founder of «Living laughter»

Workshop: Bounce back with resilience and humor!

In the face of adversity and failure, it is paramount that we can step back, identify the lesson at hand, all in good humor, and bounce back. This workshop will allow you to:

  • Explore the different factors of resilience that contribute to overcoming adversity, notably with humor;
  • Ask and reflect on: “Am I resilient?”
  • Put into practice resilience on a daily basis

You will walk away with a concrete action plan to continue building your resilience. Knowing how important training is to building physical strength; committing to training your resilience will building your emotional strength.

Liliana De Leo’s Biography

Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, personal trainer, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Liliana opened the Living LaughterTM center in 2008 to share her enthusiasm and capacity to laugh at life’ many situations. With a strong background in health and fitness, dear to her heart is helping people strengthen their emotional strength through the development of daily training routines.
Throughout our Journey, Liliana will facilitate a workshop on resilience and humor; opening doors to help you identify your inner power to draw lessons from life’s experience and bounce back with laughter and humor.

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Isabelle Fortier

Isabelle Fortier

Founder of «ÉgoÉco»

Workshop: Inner Security and opening up to a larger vision!

Ideal practices that lead to self-transcendence are cultivating a state of inner security, finding a balance between matter and spirt, anchoring ourselves in Nature and having Faith in life. In addition to discovering a new way of connecting to nature, through this workshop you will experience practical ways to surrender to and have faith in a force larger that oneself. Experience Qi Gong to anchor and connect to the heavens as well as interactive games to connect with nature. An outdoor experience in Lafontaine Park.

Isabelle Fortier’s Biography

Entrepreneur, social artist and psychocorporal therapist, Isabelle was previously a Cegep facilitator of Spiritual Life and community commitment where she gave different training in the social aspects of permaculture. Having created several Social Art movements, including an intercultural education theater, which was presented in various conferences throughout Quebec and France.
With the desire that her approach be more in touch with nature and attaching great importance in the exploration of art a tool for personal and social progress, she founded Égo / Éco, a social enterprise rallying self-transformation and collective movements.

Throughout our Journey, Isabelle will facilitate a workshop on inner security. Through which you will have practical experiences to surrender to and have faith in a force larger that oneself, alongside of a new way of connecting to nature. An outdoor experience in Lafontaine Park. (Please note this workshop is only offered in French.)

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« Héroïk Ta Vie »  is inspired by
Révélation sur les lois de la manifestation

de Céline et Pierre Lassalle

Eric Baudouy

Eric Baudouy

Créalys Collaborator

André Fortier

André Fortier

Co-fondateur de Créalys


Workshop: Self-Mastery and Concentration

Mastery of self is the ablility to direct our thoughts, feelings and actions under all circumstances, so that we may express them with control when and where we decide.  In finding the balance between our inner and outer world, we develop immense inner strength and assurance in our abilities.

Self-Mastery and Concentration go hand-in-hand in regards to individual development, attaining our goals and conducting of our destiny. Without them, self-transcendence is out of the question! This workshop will provide an opportunity to better understand the keys of self-mastery and concentration. While focusing on the four different temperaments, you will be able to recognize your strengths and weakness in a fun and playful way.

Through interactive exercises, you will get to experience self-mastery and better grasp the importance of this topic in our daily life.  Relaxation in to today’s world is no longer an option; through self-mastery, we must remain Calm!


Eric Baudouy’ Biography

Having travelled the world at a very young age and exposed to a variety of cultures, Eric has kept a deep desire to understand the fundamental motivator of people. Paramedic by trade, he has worked in the field of health and wellness in various forms from teaching prevention through CPR & First Aid to co-founding Fitness United, a Functional Fitness Center.

Eric has always had a profound desire to go past his limitation, he embraced the world of ultra-marathons from a very young age, running his first 60km at 16 years of age. Over the years, he has run distances varying from 50k to 120km in the mountains across Northern America. Today, he applies discipline and concentration to transforming all areas of his life and devotes his time to creative projects for the common good.

Amongst facilitating men’s dialogue circles and retreats, using the very same awareness tools that helped give meaning to his life, he also assists people in finding clarity of thought so that they can have the freedom to choose a purposeful life.

Eric is co-founder of the “Gentlemen Project” as well as founder of the Meetup “Journeying to the truth”

André Fortier’s Biography

Through the need to globally understand the world in which we live in, Andre’s wish is to unite science with consciousness. After having worked many years as an IT consultant and then director of IT in numerous large Quebec corporations, he completely changed his life to become an Osteopath, where five years of education culminated with a thesis on Cardiac Coherence.
In addition to the teaching of osteopathy and his private consultations, since 2001 he facilitates conferences and workshops on topics he is passionate about:  Self-Awareness, self-transcendence, modern technology and its effect on our health…

In 2005 he co-founded two associations (La Dame du Lac and Artélys) offering workshop and conferences, and continuous to do so with Créalys. He is also co-founder of the “Gentlemen Project.”

Having practiced a self-transformative type of meditation for the past 20 years, he likes to share the benefits it brings, not only to your health, but in all other areas of life.


From 9h30 am to 6h00 pm

(parking spaces available)

PRESALE : $ 125/person
($150 after September 28)

100$/person (when 2 or more people register together)

Students (30 years or younger, with valid student ID): $ 100
* Lunch, taxes, snacks included *

Limited places


Self-Transcendence is not to
be better than others,
but to elevate self for others.


Single ticket (125$) :

Twin ticket (200$) :

Student (100$) :


9h15 to 10h00 am

  • Welcome and presentation of the Journey’s Game
  • Introduction to the theme of self-transcendence and choosing a life-focus to transcend throughout the Journey
  • Lead by Créalys

10h00 to 11h00 am

  • Lecture « Breakout » with Daniel Blouin (In French)

11h30 to 13h00

  • Morning workshops in French and English – according to your pre-selected workshop.
  • Facilitators:  Isabelle Fortier, Liliana De Leo, André Fortier and Eric Baudouy

13h00 to 14h15

  • Lunch
  • Display of various Heroic tools and books for sale on-site.

14h30 to 16h00

  • Afternoon workshops in English and French – according to your pre-selected workshop.
  • Facilitators: Isabelle Fortier, Liliana De Leo, Eric Baudouy André Fortier

16h15 to 17h15

  • Interview with Mylène Paquette, “Lady with the oars” (Bilingual)
  • Lead by Créalys

17h15 to 18h00

  • Final gathering; Wrap up of the Journey’s Game
  • What’s next…. after September 30th…
  • Lead by Créalys


Créalys souhaite participer à l’émergence d’une nouvelle culture par le biais d’un mode de vie où l’héroïsme et le dépassement de soi pour le bien commun ont une place majeure. Dans ce sens, nous souhaitons nous allier au mouvement international des Créatifs Culturels. Nous avons une vision, des questionnements, des clés, et des expériences à partager et à enrichir avec ceux qui ne veulent pas se satisfaire du monde tel qu’il est.

Nos activités s’adressent à des adultes de tout âge et de toute nationalité qui ont l’aspiration à développer leur plein potentiel, à être créateur et à vivre intensément une vie libre et originale.

Nous sommes membres du Kaya Team Universe, car nous souhaitons partager nos valeurs et collaborer avec le plus grand nombre de gens possible.

Suivez nos prochaines activités !

JUIN 2018

  • Kata des quatre saisons au Parc Lafontaine – Joignez-vous à nous le 24 juin 2018 à 9h30 à 10h30
  • Fête de la St-Jean du Vieux-Longueuil – Créalys y animera un kiosque. Venez nous y rencontrer ! 23 juin de 18h à 23h et le 24 juin de 11h à 18h


  • Gentlemen Project: la solidarité masculine! le 8 juillet, de 10h à 12h à l’Espace Navi, Verdun
  • Kata des Quatre Saisons au Parc Lafontaine – le 15 juillet 2018 de 10h à 11h30 environ

AOÛT 2018

  • Kata des Quatre Saisons au Parc Lafontaine – le 11 août 2018 de 10h à 11h30 environ
  • Atelier: La trame héroïque pour réaliser les projets ou missions chers à ton cœur – Acte 2!  25 août de 10h à 16h au Centre Kaivalya, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines: http://yoga-qigong.ca/


Réservez tout de suite votre journée du 30 septembre pour notre événement héroïkement phare ! Tous les détails très bientôt!

Activités passées

Découvrez vos Nombres !

Numérologie Sophianique Découvrez vos Nombres ! Voici une soirée conviviale où nous allons explorer quelques Nombres importants: Chemin de Vie, Nombre d'Expression et Année Personnelle pour 2019. Ce sera l'occasion de revisiter votre "Qui suis-je?" et d'explorer que...

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Destinée ou Hasard ?

Destinée ou Hasard ? Est-ce qu’il existe un fil liant les événements que nous vivons ? Est-ce que notre existence a un sens prédéfini ? Doit-on faire confiance au hasard ou à notre destinée ? Pour apporter des pistes de réponses à ces questions, voici une...

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Gentlemen Project : la solidarité masculine ?

Rendez-vous du 8 juillet : « La solidarité masculine ? » Le « Projet Gentlemen » est un groupe dynamique visant à revisiter et exprimer les forces masculines. Sous la forme d’entraide et d’activités diversifiées (discussion, expériences intérieures/extérieures,…),...

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Gentlemen Project : Maîtrise de Soi

Rendez-vous du 12 MAI : « La Maitrise de Soi » Le « Projet Gentlemen » est un groupe dynamique visant à revisiter et exprimer les forces masculines. Sous la forme d’entraide et d’activités diversifiées (discussion, expériences intérieures/extérieures,…), viens...

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Gentlemen Project : Force Academy (en)

The “Gentlemen Project” is a support group where we bring awareness to the masculine forces and allowing us to play our role as males in today's society. Each activity is independent and has its own symbolism and particular theme. On April 7, Freedom is on the agenda!...

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Nature Héroïka – Révèle ton potentiel de protection

PROCHAINE ACTIVITÉ NATURE HÉROÏKA Un projet collaboratif qui s’adresse à toute personne qui veut renforcer son lien avec la Nature, développer une nouvelle collaboration avec elle et expérimenter des solutions novatrices pour l’aider à guérir. Laissez-vous imprégner...

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Picnic-Causerie « Essence-ciel »

Picnic-Causerie « Essence-ciel »   Voici une activité conviviale sur des sujets « essence-ciel » de la vie ! Autour d’un repas, nous partageons sur des sujets nourrissants le cœur et l’esprit (le sens de la vie, le couple, la communication, le travail, l’image de soi,...

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Fête de Natura

24 SEPTEMBRE : FÊTE DE NATURA ! Nous avons organisé cette activité pour lui rendre hommage ! Découvrez tout le détail ici-dessous...   Programme de la journée du 23 septembre   13 h     Arrivée et accueil : on fait connaissance et on se familiarise avec les...

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Projection du film : «Thank You for Calling»

Pour la première fois au Québec le film en français : "Thank You for Calling" de Klaus Scheidsteger  Quels risques l’usage des téléphones portables font-ils courir à notre santé ? Avons-nous les justes informations pour faire des choix éclairés ? Voilà 10 ans que...

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La trame héroïque

  LA TRAME HÉROÏQUE pour réaliser les projets chers à ton cœur! Découvre une sagesse et un mode d’emploi sans pareil pour ceux qui veulent agir pour un but plus grand que soi* ! Buts et contenu de l’atelier : L’Aventure Héroïque se déroule en trois Actes avec 12...

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La trame héroïque

 La TRAME HÉROÏQUE - ACTE 1 pour réaliser les projets chers à ton cœur!   Découvre une sagesse et un mode d’emploi sans pareil pour ceux qui veulent agir pour un but plus grand que soi* ! CONTENU DE L’ATELIER : L’Acte 1 ou tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour bien s’engager...

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Projection du film : « VAXXED » (VOSTFR)

Pour la première fois au Québec, le film  : "VAXXED" FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE Ce film, véritable bombe dans le milieu de la santé, présente comment un des organismes scientifiques les plus écoutés de la planète, le « Disease Control and Prevention » (CDC), a omis...

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Projection du documentaire : «We Are Star Wars»

Découvre le documentaire en français: « We Are Star Wars » Es-tu fasciné par la saga Star Wars? Aimerais-tu savoir « Pourquoi » cette grande saga te touche autant toi et des millions d’autres depuis tant d’années? Comprendre ce qu'est vraiment la "Force" ? Si oui, le...

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S’ouvrir à la magie de la Nature !

Visiter régulièrement Mère Nature est essentiel pour conserver un équilibre de vie, se ressourcer et s’ancrer davantage. Nous pouvons aussi apprendre à ressentir ses énergies plus subtiles et collaborer à sa guérison. Cette rencontre se veut une introduction à une...

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Kata des 4 Éléments

Héroïk Day : la vidéo !