JULY 8th : « Male Solidarity »

The “Gentlemen Project” is a support group where we bring awareness to the masculine forces, which in turn allows us to play our role as males in today’s society. Through mutual support and various activities (discussions, introspective and physical activity) come discover and experience masculine values to act with consciousness, in a moral and ethical way. Reveal the masculine power within you and reclaim your dignity, transform your relationships and play your role in society…

July 8th we will explore “male solidarity” Does it exists or not? What difference could it make in today’s world? How can we help one another to be more aware of our actions and their effects on others? Each of our actions has a ripple effect on our loved ones and society… Come make some waves with us!




Meet at Espace Navi
6500, boulevard Lasalle, Verdun

10: 00: Discussion on Male Solidarity
11: 00: Kayaking: solo or duo at Space Navi
12 h: Conclusions and end of the activity

More information on the Gentlemen Project here


$ 20 (single kayak) $ 15 (kayak duo)
(boat rental fees)
Maximum 20 people

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