The “Gentlemen Project” is a support group where we bring awareness to the masculine forces and allowing us to play our role as males in today’s society. Each activity is independent and has its own symbolism and particular theme.

On April 7, Freedom is on the agenda! What is true Freedom? What place does this Ideal have in our lives? Do we feel we have the freedom to be ourselves and act in all areas of life?

We invite you to Sir George Etienne Cartier Park to explore this Ideal and share your views on Freedom amongst us. Following this fruitful exchange, an initiation to light sabering at Force Academy where you will get to act out the playful and symbolic aspects of Freedom amongst your peers.


  • 10.30: Sir George Etienne Cartier Park  (on Notre-Dame Street) for a discussion on freedom, to gain depth and awareness on this great Ideal.
  • 12.00: Walk to Force Academy for an introductory session to light sabering.
  • 1 pm: End of the activity

Important to know: you need to buy your ticket ($25) for April 7, 12: 00 pm from Force Academy . Bring with you running or gym shoes, and where comfortable clothing. No previous experience required.

More information on The Gentlemen Project HERE

Reservation required


An encounter to ignite and flourish the Masculine Forces within you!