May 12th your rendezvous to « Self-Mastery»

The “Gentlemen Project” is a support group where we bring awareness to the masculine forces, which in turn allows us to play our role as males in today’s society. Through mutual support and various activities (discussions, introspective and physical activity) come discover and experience masculine values to act with consciousness, in a moral and ethical way. Reveal the masculine power within you and reclaim your dignity, transform your relationships and play your role in society…

On May 12th, we will explore “Self-Mastery”! How to channel your energy or your emotions into a specific goal or ideal? Why we must be masters of ourselves, how to do so and express our masculine energy in a proper manner.

To experience self-mastery in a dynamic way, we will test our skills at archery, a sport of great precision and self-control!


Reserve your place NOW: $35

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An encounter to ignite and flourish the Masculine Forces within you!